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Thinking About Buying a New House Without a Realtor?

Thinking About Buying a New House Without a Realtor?

You may be a first-time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner who’s been around the home-buying-and-selling process before. You may be thinking that you could probably save some money, and just do it all yourself.  However, is this a good idea? Have you considered the amount of time it will require from  you to do this? Have you consider the over 150 variables that go into the home buying and selling process? Have you given thought to all of the landmines that could eventually cost you thousands of dollars down the line? You may think that saving a little bit of money and doing it all your own is great, but in the end you are either leaving a whole lot of money on the table, or bleeding a lot of money from your bank account. 

For example,  it’s not a good idea to work on your own during the prospecting stage (where you are checking out the best locations, school zoning, crime rates, flood zones, going through paperwork,  and reviewing homeowner contracts). It is all quite daunting! How about negotiating? Do you know the points of leverage you need to have when making an offer? What about count offers? Contingencies? The many resources, strategies, tactics to get the best deal? If so, awesome, if not then maybe you should work with an experienced real estate agent when you purchase a home.

The ability of an Expert Real Estate Advisor to meet all of your requirements, and your budget within the real estate landscape makes hiring a REALTOR worthy.

For most people, a home is one the the largest financial transactions made within their own lifetime! It’s never okay to be a gambler when you invest money for your future. When investing, it is wise to seek professional assistance from individuals who are thoroughly  trained within that specific industry. 

In Real Estate, REALTORS are extensively trained, and understand how their real estate ecosystem is flowing at all times, remember- this is their profession, their career, and their passion!  

How do I choose a Real Estate Professional?

Some may ask what is the difference between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent?  When we say Realtor it is an individual who represents you in the home buying process. While the term “realtor” is often used colloquially in a way that implies it has the same meaning as the term “real estate agent,” there is a small difference between the two. All real estate agents must be licensed and are all held to a strict code of ethics. They both set up home viewings on your behalf, give you information on houses that pique your interest and help you negotiate the best price on the home listings that you would like to purchase. 

However, at  Keaty Real Estate our REALTORS are Real Estate Expert Advisors, with more training, more resources, coupled with a powerful staff. and a kinetic team network all working for the success of their clients. 

When you hire a Keaty Real Estate Agent you are hiring an entire company of Real Estate professionals that are passionate about every aspect of the home buying and selling process! 

So let’s recap: Yes you can absolutely do a real estate deal on your own. But you can also make a catastrophic mistake costing you a lot of money!

Consultations are free at Keaty Real Estate – so just reach out and get a piece of mind before venturing onto your first real estate (and even your 2nd,3rd,4th,etc.)

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