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The New Keaty Agents: Alyson Schexnayder

 Keaty Real Estate is excited to announce our newest agent Alyson Schexnayder! 

Alyson is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BA in Liberal Arts. Prior to joining the real estate industry, she has been teaching yoga for almost twenty years as well as teaching Cajun and Zydeco dancing all over the world.

Helping people feel their best is Alyson’s passion so transitioning into the real estate world to assist clients with some of the biggest purchasers of their life was a no-brainer for her. It also helps that she is married to a local musician and commercial real estate agent with whom they share a beautiful six-year daughter who Alyson refers to as ” the light of our world”. 

She describes herself as having a high standard of excellence and will put her best foot forward each day to meet not only her client’s goals but the ones she sets for herself. Upon asking her, “What does 110% mean to you?” with no hesitation, she responded with “Going above and beyond for each and every client as though they were your most treasured family member! It’s being one step ahead. Being a leader in the field. It’s listening to what’s being said and hearing all the unspoken details as well. 110% means that your service is felt and noticed!”

We are very excited about our future with Alyson Schexnayder!

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