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The Lafayette Market Update | Sales & Volume February 2022

Is the Lafayette real estate market finally cooling off? if you are a homeowner, investor, or interested in buying property here in south Louisiana, we have all the data you need.

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So far this year, Lafayette has experienced an 18% (Increase) in sales Year over year, thats 53 More sales in January compared to this time last year.

When looking at January sales going all the way back to 2012, Lafayette parish reported significantly more sales in January 2022 than any other January in the last decade. Showing signs that Demand is still climbing.

Now, this trend continues into total Dollar Volume sold. Lafayette parish reported a 28% Increase. Breaking over a ninety million in-dollar in volume. That’s an additional 20 million dollars in volume sold January year over year.

I hope you found this information valuable.

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Stay tuned for next week when we will break down the impact of supply and demand on our market.

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