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  Lafayette, Louisiana, is no stranger to culture and innovation. With the unveiling of “The Forum,” it’s poised to take modern shopping experiences to the next level. This brand-new retail and dining destination promises an ambiance unparalleled, making it a focal point of local conversations. Have you caught a glimpse

Hey, Acadiana! We’re thrilled to be back at the Forum, where exciting developments are bringing us closer to a dazzling future. The latest progress promises to elevate this project to new heights, making it a cornerstone of Louisiana’s landscape. We’re excited to share all the updates with you, so buckle

Have you seen @theforumlaf on Johnston St. Lately?   The Forum continues its construction process bringing Lafayette what is to be a unique mixed use experience. With a unique look and vibe that is set to bring Acadiana together in a way that has yet to be seen in our

Welcome to The Forum, Lafayette’s most exciting and dynamic real estate development. As a leading real estate firm, Keaty Real Estate takes pride in bringing you the latest updates on this transformative project. With construction progressing rapidly and tenant opportunities abound, The Forum is set to redefine the landscape of

    We got Building A Up At The Forum! This 4200 sqft. building is built up and ready to come online right at The Forum Lafayette on Johnston Street. It’s a beautiful building ready to receive a new tenant this summer! Join Jim Keaty, as he takes you on

More is coming on-line at The Forum on Johnston Street! Join Adam Angers as he breaks down what is going on at the site, and what is available to tenants at what is to be the most unique retail experience in Lafayette, La. With a unique look and vibe that

  @Theforumlaf is coming up on Johnston St.! Check out what’s new at what is to be the most incredible shopping experience in Lafayette! Join Jim Keaty, Derek Curry, Lemoine, as they breakdown what’s new at the site! And stay tuned for new updates every month as we document and report

What is ‘The Forum’?

Learn more about a 50 million dollar development project coming to Lafayette in Summer of 2022

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