“No one makes it in real estate!”

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Studies have shown that the most successful people have the same common traits. 

The same is true for real estate.

Here are the 5 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents


Create a Regimented Schedule! Start the day off right, whether it is exercising, meditating, or prospecting new leads. Fill the rest of your day with realistic time blocks for your tasks and work. The key is to create a schedule that works for your life and then to stick to it!


Continually prospecting maintains a full pipeline. Make time every day for reaching out to new leads, following up with potential buyers and sellers, and continuing creating “touchpoints” with past clients, existing clients, and others in your sphere of influence. Social media is another excellent tool to stay relevant to your audience, in conjunction with daily outreach.


Today’s digital world is continually changing. However, marketing remains the same. Relationship marketing is arguably the best form of advertising yourself. In a world where we are more connected than ever yet personally disconnected from each other, people are craving meaningful, authentic relationships. My advice to you is to be genuine and go the extra mile to help your clients and others in the community. Creating real relationships will grow your sphere, promote your business, and, ultimately, make you a better person.


There’s a saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Keep this in mind for your career – how can your potential clients know who you are if they don’t know you? The solution: get out there! Introduce yourself to people. Strike up conversations in public. Go to networking events. Get active on social media. Attend social events. Putting yourself out there allows people to get to know you better and decide if they would ever want to work with you or refer you to a loved one.


Albert Einstein said, “once you stop learning, you start dying.” In my opinion, continued learning is the greatest attribute of success. The most successful people, in real estate and otherwise, make learning a daily habit. When you stop learning, you remain where you are. There is no ceiling to how much you can learn, so commit to becoming a life-long student. The best way to learn: read daily, stay on top of industry news, and ask questions.

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Tyler Albrecht
Tyler Albrecht

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