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Louisiana Iris Donation

Moncus Park is blossoming with excitement after a unique gift—nearly 8000 Louisiana irises donated by the Society for Louisiana Irises to be enjoyed by countless Park guests for years to come. The irises will fill 15 flower beds along the wetland pond’s edge in Moncus Park and span a total of about 1500 square feet, creating a vast garden with an array of colors including purple, blue, red, pink, yellow, and white. 

The wholesale value of the donation is about $38,000, but the value the garden will bring to the Park is priceless. Additionally, Moncus Park is honored to be the National Host Garden for Native and Hybridized Louisiana Irises, meaning the Park will display and collect all varieties of Louisiana irises still in existence and grow the collection as new hybrids are created. 

New Live Oak Trees

New live oaks have arrived at Moncus Park and are being planted along what will become the iconic Promenade – which will stretch from the parking lot, around the Prospect Mound and Great Lawn, to the Ravine Garden.

To take a look at the Master Plan, click here!

Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Our Progress

Check out this cool drone footage of our construction progress in January 2019. You can see the new bridge over Coulee Mine, some new tree plantings, and Lake Reaux!

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