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Tour 201 Jefferson Street Lafayette, LA 70501 | Keaty Commercial Team

Be one of the first business Acadiana see’s when coming downtown! –  Join Jim Keaty, Leslie Guillory, and DDA’s Anita Begnaud on a tour of a tremendous lease opportunity at 201 Jefferson St. As development on this end of Jefferson continues to pick up momentum, this is an ideal time to secure a lease for…

What Happen to Lafayette Sales & Volume? | The Lafayette Market Update

Week 1 for April’s Lafayette Market Update is now HERE! The Lafayette has experience more than 4% increase in Sales for the 1st Quarter of 2022. However,The 1st quarter of 2022 will go down in the history books as the best 1st quarter in Lafayette history! “Is the real estate market finally cooling off?” If…

We’re Off To Another Record Breaking Year In Lafayette Sales & Volume! | The Lafayette Market Update

Lafayette is on its way for another Record Breaking Year in Real Estate Sales!

A Quality Foundation With Krewe Construction

Learn about what is a post-tension slab, and how it benefits a home in South Louisiana.

Tom Ferry’s Marketing & Sales Edge 2022

Watch this video recap of Tom Ferry’s Marketing & Sales Edge 2022

Pendings Have Plummeted! | The Lafayette Market Update

Pendings in Lafayette parish have plummeted 15% in January. Is the market finally cooling off? Lafayette Parish has experienced a 15% Decrease in Pending Sales in January, year over year. So it looks like although we had a record-breaking January in Closings and Volume, the Pendings seemed to have cooled off. Meaning we should expect…

Showings are at an all time low! | The Lafayette Market Update

Jan 2022 reported an All-time low in the number of Showings. Is this the beginning of the End of a healthy Real Estate Market? Hey, if you are a homeowner, investor, or interested in buying property here in south Louisiana, we have all the data you need. So last week, we talked about sales and…

Building Homes & Changing Lives With Krewe Construction

Krewe Construction & Development group are proud of its people, their processes, and the impact they have on the community they serve. The Krewe Construction & Development Group team is dedicated to partnering with you to build the home of your dreams where you can make memories that last a lifetime. Click here to learn…

The New Keaty Agents: Gina Backhaus

Keaty Real Estate is excited to announce our newest agent, Gina Backhaus! Gina is new to the Acadiana but is a veteran Real Estate Agent, relocating from Atlanta, GA. Prior to beginning her real estate career, she studied English literature and comparative literature at the University of Georgia. Within that time she also obtained her…

Why I Chose Keaty Real Estate.

Learn from our highly successful Real Estate Expert Advisors on why they chose Keaty Real Estate. – – – Are you looking for full time support from a top tier marketing team with cutting edge technology and lead generation? Are you looking for more one-on-one support and accountability from leaders who are experts in the…

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