The Real Estate Model is Broken!

At Keaty Real Estate we understand the struggle to capture and keep a buying audience, but we believe that there is a better way to express one’s expertise than divulging a long list of credentials or slapping a sold title on a for sale sign. Time after time, we’ve seen that without financial resources, leadership, mentoring, tools, leads, and accountability success can take decades...if it ever comes.

At Keaty Real Estate, we understand the struggles of becoming a real estate expert. As the odds are stacked against the agent, the steps we provide become more accessible and attainable.  We succeed because we are a team - our success stems from a team dynamic and shared principles. At Keaty, we have created an ecosystem that sees everyone collaborating for the betterment of the outcome and for their community.

Making an individual commitment to a group effort allows us to maximize our competitive advantage while organically generating optimum upside and leverage. Our team can do things that are just not possible for a single agent to achieve.  Together, we are powerful. Together we have leverage. Together we succeed.  At Keaty Real Estate, we know the way to success, and it is never alone.  Individuality lights a fire, but unity feeds a roaring blaze.

Ready to collaborate? We’re ready to welcome you from a schedule of never-ending hustle into our competitive advantage. Let’s unite our ideas, success, and expertise.  Are you ready to turn your individual fire into a roaring blaze?

Why I Chose Keaty Real Estate

Why I Chose Keaty Real Estate.

Learn from our highly successful Real Estate Expert Advisors on why they chose Keaty Real Estate. – – – Are you looking for full time support from a top tier marketing team with cutting edge technology and lead generation? Are you looking for more one-on-one support and accountability from leaders who are experts in the…


Q1 2021 Affordability W/ Jim Keaty

Hey, It’s Jim Keaty with Keaty Real Estate and today I just wanted to share this chart with you! We have charted the affordability of homes for the past 3 decades in the United States. All Home values are affected due to national circumstances, Lafayette is no different.  But as you can see we are…


Q1 2021 Mortgage Rates | W/ Jim Keaty

Hey, It’s Jim Keaty with Keaty Real Estate and today I just wanted to share this information with you! Mortgage interest rates are at an all-time low! However, all of the experts in the industry are predicting that interest rates to starting to creep up! Check out the chart above and you will see what…


Q1 2021 Interest Rates W/ Jim Keaty

Hey, It’s Jim Keaty with Keaty Real Estate and today I just wanted to share this information with you! As you can see interest rates are currently at an all-time low, hovering at around 2.7%! That means that if you buy a home that is valued at $300,000 your monthly note will be around $1,200.…


Massive Action = Massive Results

75% of agents fail within the first year.  I’ve mentioned that before, but I want to keep hammering it in, so you know how to avoid becoming one of the statistics. One way to prevent becoming a statistic is to set goals for yourself. Write them out. Work for them every day.  Set realistic expectations and…


The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

We’ve done the legwork and found the best apps for real estate agents. Most are FREE, some have monthly fees, but all are great resources to help you streamline your day-to-day!  BombBomb – [link] – BombBomb is a video email marketing platform that allows users to create and build relationships through video. … Videos can be…


Don’t Take Our Word For It!

I know why Keaty is the best of the best, not only here in Acadiana but throughout the country. However, it’s possible – I could be biased when it comes to Keaty Real Estate and our incredible team of experts.  You are working hard to find the best brokerage in Lafayette, the brokerage that will fuel…

AR#1 - Blog Day 22 - Fail

“No one makes it in real estate!”

Studies have shown that the most successful people have the same common traits.  The same is true for real estate. Here are the 5 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents STRUCTURE YOUR DAY Create a Regimented Schedule! Start the day off right, whether it is exercising, meditating, or prospecting new leads. Fill the rest of your day…


How will you measure up?

Lafayette Parish has over 1500 real estate agents. How can you set yourself apart from the rest? We’ve already discussed laying a solid foundation, being consistent with your branding, and avoiding rookie mistakes. A critical factor in your success will be choosing the right brokerage for you. Keaty Real Estate is the largest locally-owned and operated brokerage…

AR#1 - Blog Day 18 - Mistakes

6 Rookie Mistakes Every Real Estate Agent Makes and How to Avoid Them

1. Trying to help everyone. There is an old saying that the riches are in the niches, and this is especially true of everyone. If you set out to be of service to absolutely everyone, you will spin your wheels needlessly while trying to learn the intricacies of every type of property and transaction. Not sure where to…

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