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Moving Guide: Top 10 Things To Know Before You Move

There are plenty of things that need to be done before moving out of a house, apartment, or dorm room. To have less chaos when moving day comes around, take care of these 10 tasks beforehand.

1. Finalize moving plans and get moving quotes:

Take all the time you need to make moving arrangements and get moving quotes from different moving companies. Why not start moving early?

2. Clean and organize your house:

Make a moving-day to-do list, and make sure you get all of the boxes and moving equipment needed to pack your things. To avoid spending extra money on moving supplies, don’t buy more than what you need as there is usually an option to rent moving equipment and moving boxes at a moving company.

3. Declutter your house:

Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, valuable or sentimental. If there is something you want to keep for the next tenant, get it out of your house quickly! There are ways to store items temporarily while moving day approaches. 

4. Sell, donate or trash unneeded items:

Don’t leave clutter behind for the next tenant. Get moving quotes so you can do moving day on your own terms and get moving help if needed.

5. Repair appliances and plumbing fixtures:

There’s no reason to break something on moving day when there are ways to transfer appliances and plumbing fixtures to your new house or apartment.

6. Organize moving finances:

Figure out moving-related expenses, including moving equipment rental, moving boxes, moving tips and moving insurance. Look for hidden moving costs too!

7. Obtain a post office box:

You are responsible for mail that comes after you move into your new place. Cancel your post office box by moving day so you can use the address of your new house or apartment.

8. Maintain health insurance:

If moving out of state, keep your health insurance active so you can transition to new coverage once moving day is complete. You may need moving quotes for moving across state lines if moving out-of-state.

9. Feed pets and plants:

If moving out of town for an extended period of time, make sure your pet is cared for or even put in the care of someone reliable during your moving day preparations. Don’t forget to water plants on moving day!

10. Cancel utilities:

Before moving out of a house, apartment, or dorm room, make sure to cancel your utility services. Don’t forget to transfer service if moving out-of-state!