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Meet Our Newest Keaty Agent: Reneé Doré

Hi, my name’s Reneé Doré, and I’m so excited to join the Keaty Real Estate team.



Lena Lavine, Keaty Agent and Reneé’s realtor “I actually met Reneé because she was one of my clients. You see something in somebody, and they just have that charisma, and I could see in her that she would be a great fit for real estate, so I’m super excited for her.”

Susan Melancon, Reneé’s Mom “Expect a lot of work. Reneé loves projects, she’s been like that since she was a child. Give her a project and she will spend the time doing it to perfection.”

Jeremy Doré, Reneé’s husband “She can relate to a lot of people around here, she’s a people person. She’s gonna give 110%.”

Becky Phares, cousin to Reneé “When you are from the place that you are selling, you know the heart of it, and so it’s much easier to sell something that you know and love, than just a random piece of real estate.”

Jim Keaty, Broker “Our mission at Keaty Real Estate is to inspire and support our world-class agents to be the best leaders in our community. What drives us the most is our core values. Trust, integrity, continuous improvement. Nobody embodies those core values as much as Reneé Doré does, and we’re really excited about having her on our team.”

Throughout the years I’ve planned to continue my education so that I can better help the families in Acadia.

Jeremy “She comes home smiling every day, she’s smiling, I’m smiling.”

Susan “Good luck Reneé! We love you, we support you, your family’s here for you. We love you.”

Becky “Reneé, what a cool experience, and if you will love something as much as you love your family, I know you are going to do an amazing job, and we just wish you all the best.

Lena “You’re gonna continue to grow, I see that in your future, and I wish you the very, very best of luck with everything.”

Jim “Reneé, congratulations on becoming a new member of our team. I’m super excited to partner up with you, and look forward to working with you in the future. Congratulations!”

My name’s Reneé Doré, with Keaty Real Estate.

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