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Garber Industrial Park

Updated: Jun 28

Hi, I’m Ron Gaubert with Keaty Real Estate. I’m standing at 102 Dairy Lane located in Garber Industrial Park.

The industrial park is located halfway between the airport and Lafayette and Broussard, Louisiana and we’re only about a half a mile from Highway 90. It’s a premier industrial park located in Lafayette Parish. We have some really fine companies that are located here. We have manual builders that are located in two 5500 square foot buildings; one is our offices, the other one is a warehouse.


We have also Dart Aerospace that is located here. We also have Mashburn Machine Shop which is located behind me. We have a workout gym over here and we have other buildings that are being built.


You can see all along here, all the properties that have been built in the industrial park. If you’re looking for an industrial piece of property, this is the place to build. I welcome you to come here. I would like to meet you here, show you the properties.


We have lots ranging from one acre all the way up to three acres. We could combine some acreage to get up to about 10 acres, if you need a larger parcel.

I invite you to contact me at Keaty Real Estate.

My name is Ron Gaubert and my phone number is (337) 280-2550, and I thank you for watching.

102 Dairy Lane Broussard, La 70518

104 Dairy Lane Broussard, La 70518


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