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Behind The Sale: 108 Hampton Rd. | Keaty Real Estate

This is the story of how Keaty Real Estate put a home under contract before it even hit the market…

after it sat on the market with another agency for months ?

108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Front Of Home | Shot by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

108 Hampton Rd. sits in the beautiful Greenbriar Estates subdivision, centrally located in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana. The owners, along with their expert Real Estate Agent, had been struggling for quite some time to find the right buyer for this home. Unfortunately, they did not have any success. As time passed on, the sellers were not seeing a return, and with a heavy heart, they decided to go in another direction.

The owners then gave Keaty Real Estate Expert Advisors, Nadie Cagley & Jim Keaty, the opportunity to showcase their proven and repeatable systems, protocols, processes, tools, networks, and REALTOR expertise in finding the right buyer for their beautiful home.

108 hampton rd
Nadie Cagley & Jim Keaty | 108 Hampton Rd. Video Screen Grab | Created by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

Keaty Real Estate is proud to be able to elevate the look and feel of a home. One of their goals is to make a listing stand out in this highly competitive market. The goal is to increase the demand for a HOME, to present it to the marketplace in a manner that makes it absolutely undeniable.

Jim & Nadie walked the property with the sellers and consulted on the various ways that they could increase the appeal of the home. They brought in a licensed real estate staging consultant, Katelyn Simon, to help with the look and feel of this already beautiful home.

A listing has but one chance to make a great impression on a home buyer, and Keaty Real Estate aims to highly impress.

108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Master Suite | Shot by Media Engage LLC for Keaty Real Estate

Therefore, when a buyer arrives for a showing, Keaty Real Estate Agents ensure that everything is perfect, as they walk through the home for sale.

But how do we attract a potential buyer to even come to see your home? Moreover, how do we attract the right buyer that meets the right price to come see your home?

Well…it is a process:

After staging is done, Keaty Agents then produce the best digital content possible, which is then syndicated throughout the internet via all social media platforms, web adverts, e-mails, text messages, and even a blog (just like the one you are reading now).

Once the staging has been completed, it is time to bring in the cameras!

108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Back Yard | Shot by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) stated in 2018 NAR Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers

87% of home buyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most useful features on a Realtor’s website. Captivating photography and engaging digital content allow agents to serve their clients in the most optimal way. These assets can quickly and effectively and conveniently showcase a listing.

National Association Of Realtors

Having a professionally staged home, with a professional digital agency overseeing content production, generates the best-looking content that is proven to engage and increase desirability. These claims are all backed by data analytics and marketing test groups.

Don’t believe us? Check this out:

Which room do you find more appealing?


108 Hampton Rd | Main Bathroom | The Other Agent’s Photos


108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd | Main Bathroom | Shot By Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

Here is another example:


108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd | Flex Room | The Other Agent’s Photos


108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Flex room | Shot by Media Engage LLC. For Keaty Real Estate

As you can clearly see, they are increasing the demand for the home by increasing appeal. In fact, they go beyond the norm, not only creating stunning photographs but creating situational lifestyle opportunities.

This is done by simply asking “What If?”.

An objection that was presented early on for 108 Hampton was that it only had 3 bedrooms. But it had this “flex” space that could work for almost anything. So, Jim & Nadie, presented new visions to buyers of the different possibilities for the space…

we like to call this “Re-Imagining”.

Any agent in the world can blurt out “This room has many applications, it could be a media room or a guest room…it can be whatever you want!”. However, Keaty Real Estate prefers to show buyers exactly what could be. Don’t just say it, show it!

Check out some re-imaginings of that same flex room:

108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Flex Room Re-Imagined as Media Room | Created by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate
108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Flex Room Re-Imagined As Guest Room (A) | Created by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate
108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Flex Room Re-Imagined As Guest Room (B) | Created by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

Another Re-Imagining:

In the following image, we see the walk-in closets and what appears to be a “nook”. The image is clean and pleasant, yet it still leaves much to be desired. Jim Keaty suggested that we ad a “treadmill” as an example of what could be done with space. Again, creating visuals that inspire new opportunities for a space in the mind and hearts of active buyers.

108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Master Suite Nook & Closets | Shot by Media Engage LLC. For Keaty Real Estate
108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd. | Master Suite Nook & Closets Re-Imagined | Created by Media Engage LLC. For Keaty Real Estate

As you have noticed by now, staging matters, photos matter, and creative ideas matter. It all works together to elevate a home.

But wait! There is more!

Next, let’s shoot some video!

Beautiful photography works exceptionally well to engage active home buyers, as they are perusing the web. However, video is, currently, the king of digital content.

Is video an important part of your marketing strategy?

% of people who agreeThe perceived importance of video as a marketing tool has significantly increased. In 2015, around 78% of video marketers told us they believed video to be an important part of their marketing strategy. Now, as we enter 2021, that number has increased to 93%.
108 hampton rd

Read more about this here:

Keaty Real Estate Champion’s Video

Keaty Real Estate leverages video as a tool to engage audiences across multiple social media platforms, and the company’s entire sphere of influence at scale.

See what Jim & Nadie did for 108 Hampton:

108 Hampton Rd. | Video created by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

This video is not only posted to every platform possible, but it also converted into an advertisement that pushes its viewers to a landing page that features all of the content we created for it. The photos, the videos, and even flow plans like this:

108 hampton rd
108 Hampton Rd | Flo Plan | Created by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

Full transparency!

Keaty Real Estate discloses all pertinent information to its buyers, so that they can engage in the buying process with confidence.

As you have read, they do advise all of their sellers to invest in the beautification and staging of a property. They fully prepare a listing before it is photographed, filmed, and eventually brought to market. However, we are also quite transparent with what we are selling.

With Digital Marketing, Keaty Real Estate is creating a “Window” on the screens of buyers across Acadiana, in order for them to choose any home with confidence, which leads them to a seller’s doorsteps, and once a listing is seen in person, everything clicks and then both parties can make their way to close the deal.

Keaty Real Estate also advises on a pre-inspection of a home. This can quell any concerns that a buyer may have, especially when it comes to a home that is a little older.

Keaty A.I.

So, Keaty Real Estate has created all of the assets, the home is ready for “foot traffic” and now it’s time to get the word out. As we mentioned before, the listing is being posted everywhere, adverts are being created all in the effort to pull home buyers to a particular page that has everything that could ever be known about the listing.

This web page we are talking about is Keaty A.I.: a computer-automated website that showcases Keaty’s listings in their best possible light. They pair awesome content with this intuitive website that allows homebuyers to find out even more about the listing. Keaty A.I. makes it super easy for any interested party to contact a Keaty Agent directly via cell, text, and e-mail.

Click here to see our 108 Hampton Rd. example:

Coming Soon Acadiana

A few years ago Keaty Real Estate launched Coming Soon Acadiana, a social media portal for home buyers to tap into to discover off market properties. A place where one could find a true “gem” of a home, and bid on it before it goes live in the market place.

Here is where 108 Hampton caught the eye of one very ready and able buyer!

Coming Soon Acadiana Video | Produced by Media Engage LLC. for Keaty Real Estate

In Conclusion:

The ending of this story is a very happy one.

Where Keaty Expert Advisors, Nadie Cagley & Jim Keaty, along with the full strength of their Real Estate Team, their tools, resources, skills, and network were able to get the seller’s home under contract in record time, and of course help a buyer find the perfect home that fitted all of their needs!

Keaty Real Estate is a company that is very proud of how they do business and is honored to help the community and its members succeed. There are hundreds of stories just like this one, occurring every year, all due to a proven repeatable system backed by market research.

At Keaty Real Estate they are all in, and are always 110%


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